Kyoto Festival Weekend bag indigo


Got a holiday or weekend getaway planned? This handy travel bag is a must-have for bringing all your essentials with you. Not only is our medium travel bag practical, but also a feast for the eyes. It is beautifully decorated with a unique variety of fanciful chintz flowers and leaves. Symmetrically placed flower branches with elaborately decorated flowers give the design a luxurious flair. The bag has a large storage compartment, zipper closure and extra small pockets on the inside, so you can keep all your important items within easy reach. Prefer not to check in your hand baggage? No problem! The medium travel bag is small enough to qualify as a carry-on. Curious about matching bags? Check out our extensive bag collection.

  • Dimensions: 57 x 22 x 37 cm
  • 60% Polyester, 30% PVC, 10% PU
  • Kyoto Festival Design
  • Zipper with Pip logo
  • This product has the label ‘Sustainable’, read more information here
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