Furniture should serve to make life easier and more comfortable. Furniture is part of the home, shaping its’ character and creating an atmosphere. That is why it must be the fruit of long experience.

JDS Furniture has been in the wood working industry since 1975. The company was founded by Mr. John Sammut and his wife, Mrs. Doris Sammut. Mr. Sammut, a qualified craftsman started practicing woodworking at the trade school and after graduating he opened his own workshop. The workshop was a very small garage in Mellieha. Today, his passion for work and his love for wood helped him to build an empire. The company is still run by Mr & Mrs Sammut, however aided by their daughter Jennifer and her husband, who are both heavily involved in the decision making and the running of the business. Being a relatively small family-run business, we are able to give a more personalised and guaranteed customer service.

The JDS products are individually created using traditional craftsmanship skills. Traditional high quality workmanship guarantees high quality living. Our production techniques often respect the age of old methods of manufacturing furniture, while using the latest technology.

Being in the market for more than forty years, JDS Furniture has managed to become a brand that is being associated with quality and design. JDS specialises in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture, such as kitchens, bedrooms, wall units, and bespoke furniture. All the above can be customized to meet customer’s needs perfectly. Working with solid wood requires knowledge and experience of materials since each panel has its own distinctive character. Our love for detail emphasizes the traditional craftsmanship.

When you purchase your furniture at JDS, you can be confident that you will receive a product of quality and integrity from a well-established company whose credentials you can trust. JDS Furniture does not only manufacture the product itself, it offers the service of designing the product from scratch. Moreover, JDS offers a distinguished personalised service to its customers. JDS assures that the product is delivered on time and it also offers a guaranteed after-sales service. Our growth and continuing success are the result of the company’s attention to those fundamental essentials: quality and value.

Our commitment is to build further on our good reputation and manage to deliver the standards JDS stands for and is being respected for.