New Concept: Wall Hung Kitchens

New in our range are the locally made  wall hung kitchens.

There is no plinth under the kitchen, it’s just hanging in the air. This suggest more space and it’s easier to clean under it.  Beside that you can use the open space under your kitchen to storage things for example or you can add some light underneath the cabinet. This will give your kitchen a whole different look.



The kitchen drawers are provided with a soft closing system. So you will not hear any noise when you close your drawers. It’s better for you and for the life guarantee of your kitchen. The doors are provided with a push and pull system. You don’t need handles to open these cabinets. Just push against the door and they open themselves. Practical, isn’t it? Come and visit our showroom to try out this system by yourself.


A kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time. You eat, you cook and have some social talk in there. So it’s important you choose the right lighting in your kitchen.

You need at least two different types of light. First of all you have the work lighting, this needs to give you enough light to cook. The second type of light is the atmospheric lighting to make the venue more cosy.  We can help you in the process of finding the right light for your kitchen.

For more information about the wall hung kitchens don’t hesitate to contact us.